Company Profile

 SolarWavelet is an Australian company founded in late 2008 by a group of professional engineers. Our engineers specialize in various disciplines such as semiconductor physics, microelectronic, system control, mechatronics, remote tracking and wireless communication. Our experience started from working in those multi-national companies like Matsushita, Phillips and Micron to some high-tech research laboratories around the world. Our customers can vary from the general public to government agents and law enforcements. Our extensive knowledge and exposure are the key foundations to our successful development in the photovoltaic industry. With our “Can Do” attitudes, we provide innovative and value-for-money solutions to our customers. We have achieved a good reputation in Australia and overseas.

A "Skeleton Staff" Business Model

This business model is the key to our success in the solar industry. We understand every project could involve many engineering disciplines, and in some cases they are labour-intensive. Our company holds the key expertise and personal. Through our well-established networks over the years, we have solicited the best partners and workforces who have strong technical expertise and experience in their fields. We deliver projects together at the highest efficiency and the lowest cost. As a result, we can minimize the overhead cost without compromising our quality of good and services. Ultimately, everyone is a winner.