Benefits of LED Lighting System

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are considered one of the most promising energy efficient light sources. Although the upfront cost is sizeable, the eventual savings from the reduced energy consumption is sufficient to justify such an expense. Further, the longevity of LED allows minimum maintenance.

Advantages of T8 LED tubes

  1. Energy efficient, LEDs use about 50% as much electricity as fluorescent tube to produce the same brightness.
  2. Longevity, good LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours life whereas fluorescent tubes are normally rated at 20,000 hours.
  3. The savings in maintenance cost can be substantial.

For a more detailed description of the LED tubes, click here.


Case Studies

The following graphs show the estimated savings that can be made by installing LED lights in both a warehouse and office setting. The data is based off a typical warehouse and office environment and assumes a 10% increase of the price of electricity per year.


 Figure 1: Comparison of fluorescent and LED costs for the warehouse setting.



Figure 2: Comparison of fluorescent and LED costs for the office setting.


Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the comparison of the electricity cost for the warehouse and office when running with fluorescent and when running with LED. The saving is 50% and with the 10% pa average rise on the electricity prices, after 5 years, the saving is over $10,000.00 per year.



Figure 3: Cumulative electricity cost for fluorescent and LED lights in the warehouse setting.


Figure 4: Cumulative electricity cost for fluorescent and LED lights in the office setting.


Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the cumulative cost of the electricity for the warehouse and the office over 5 years. The chart for the warehouse shows that cumulative saving is around $20,000 and the cumulative saving for the office area is around $10,000.



The warehouse uses 286 T8 tubes and operates for 42.5 hours per week and consumes the most electricity at the premises. The savings from switching to LED can be over $20,000.00 accumulatively over 5 years.

The office has 142 T8 tubes, which is about half the amount of the warehouse uses. However, the operating hours are slightly higher at 45 hours per week. The savings from switching to LED is over $10,000.00 accumulatively over 5 years.

Based on the analysis, by switching from fluorescent to LED, clients can save $30k in electricity bill accumulatively over 5 years.

The earlier you switch, the earlier you start saving.