Smart Power MCS

 A smart monitoring and control system is essential to any high-tech and valuable PV system. It is particularly critical for a solar power plant. For a PV system with a small quantity of inverters, our customers can simple use an off-the-shelf monitoring device made by the respective inverter manufacturers. Normally those off-the-shelf devices come with a software bundle to help its operation. They are sufficient for a general usage.

In a solar power plant or any large scale solar system where there are over 100s inverters, a customized C&M system must be designed for its purposes. Besides the basic data collection functions, here are some unique features and technologies in our system. MCS


Automatic: an autonomous system with a “brain” to handle emergency or power failure situations

Remote: control and monitoring from a distance via the 3G network

Wireless: less cabling within a power plant means a lower construction cost

Smart: early-warning system architect to lower maintenance and repair cost

Adaptive: scalable topology for any Mega-Watt to Giga-Watt power plant

Self-sustainable: resilient to the main power failure

Authentication: security scheme derived from our earlier high profile projects